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We believe a modern SEO Hosting offering has to cover all aspects of a successful SEO network, including very fast TTFB, diverse geolocation close to your end users, natural looking network, IPs that are owned by many different providers and are from different datacenter, single WHM account to manage all cPanel domains and finally Free SSL for all domains!


And a Free Gift!

Silver VPS SEO Hosting

Silver VPS

  1. label_important 2GB 内存
  2. label_important 60GB 硬盘
  3. label_important 5TB 数据传输
  4. label_important 通过服务器管理(MHW)/虚拟机控制系统(cPanel)备份
  5. label_important 订单中20和更多的IP包免费
  6. label_important 快速安装
Gold VPS SEO Hosting

Gold VPS

  1. label_important 4GB 内存
  2. label_important 120GB 硬盘
  3. label_important 10TB 数据传输
  4. label_important 通过服务器管理(MHW)/虚拟机控制系统(cPanel)备份
  5. label_important 菜单中50个甚至更多的IP包免费
  6. label_important 快速安装
Platinum VPS SEO Hosting

Platinum VPS

  1. label_important 8GB 内存
  2. label_important 240GB 硬盘
  3. label_important 20TB 数据传输
  4. label_important 通过服务器管理(MHW)/虚拟机控制系统(cPanel)备份
  5. label_important 菜单中130个甚至更多的IP包免费
  6. label_important 快速安装

And Even More!!

Seo Web Hosting Data Centers

Supported by Googlebot

send 2016年由Googlebot支持
send 主要的性能提升
send 旧的请求自动切换到HTTP1.1
send 最初由谷歌开发人员开发
send 15年来首次重大HTTP协议升级

Global IP addresses

最多元化 IPs

send 78+ 不同的A级, 130+不同的B级IPs
send IPs 属于不同的公司
send 你的域名数据分散在120 +个数据中心
send 不同的rDNS,域名查询服务和NIC注册
send IPs来自全世界
send 你自己的DNS服务器

Secure Seo Hosting IP


send 积极阻止对Wordpress暴力攻击
send 分布着20,000全球知名黑客
send 没有SMTP端口SEO IPs /零垃圾邮件
send 现场监控的所有恶性软件和黑客程序

Reseller SEO Hosting

ExSH 仪表板

send 最值得期待的SEO主机面板
send 通过智能SEO主机独家提供
send 基于WHM/cPanel和KVM
send 穿过300 IPs上自动安装wordpress
send 通过单台控制面板管理全球的网址

Google Web Hosting

谷歌 拥有 IPs




这些都是最昂贵的高质量的服务器,没有比这更接近谷歌和必应的智能机器了。所以,如果你的搜索引擎优化策略是基于ip的质量,你应该检查我们的谷歌 DC 基础包。

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Free SSL certificate for all domains of our customers

On August 2014, Google announced that they are going to consider SSL and https as a ranking signals. This announcement is one of the few announcements in which Google clearly defined an action as a factor that could be implemented by all. Many companies, including us, made all our web pages accessible under https and benefited from this new factor.

Major upgrade to Smart SEO Hosting network

In one of our biggest expansion to date, Smart SEO Hosting established its presence in 30+ new datacenters from all around the world. Here is this blog posts we will explain what this new expansion is and why you should be as excited as we are about it.

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